Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I remember you

Nothing remains left in my mind
when I remember you.
Such is the passion of my thoughts
while I remember you.
People jeer at me and call me names
but I smile at all they say.
They never know what it feels like,
when I remember you.
I will walk thousands of miles to reach,
and cross all rivers and seas.
You become a magnet that attracts me,
when I remember you.
People fight on silly matters of faith
and armies go to war.
I remain oblivious of all these things,
when I remember you.
People toil through their entire lives,
to accumulate their treasure.
The wealth of love is bestowed on me
when I remember you.
Ministers lie,scholars cheat, doctors kill,
even cricketers fix their matches.
All icons show their feet of clay,
Still I remember you.
Sometimes I think what I would've done
had I not remembered you.
Then I find I have no other option left,
So ,I remember you.

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