Sunday, 17 February 2013

Let's talk it over

Why don't we talk it over;
or give it a try at least.
For one last time,
let me have that chance
to make all those promises
which I have never kept.
I know for sure, you are,
really fed up with me.
This is the end of the road
you have declared.
I can see the fire in your
eyes and the tears too.
Even in this state that I am
I can realise it fully well;
something is wrong
something that shouldn't be.
I would like very much dear
to erase all my mistakes.
So just let me try once more
to make it work out between us.
To think of the chances
which I had everytime.
I have frittered them away
I know, I have always done
the same thing with my cards.
But let me tell you baby
this one little thing which
perhaps you know
but never acknowledge.
I may be really bad,a beast,
to treat you this way.
I have done all the things
which turn you off,  my love.
But darling with all my faults,
troubles and mistakes,
I come back at your door.
Because you are the only one
who cares to listen, because
I have never lied to you.

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