Monday, 11 February 2013

Something that I lost...

I searched every nook,
every little corner.
But couldn't find what
I was really looking for.
Where did I keep it?
When did I lose?
Don't even remember
what it really was.
Still I tried to find
what I thought was missing.
Here, there, everywhere
with a restless urge.
Something very important
that I seemed to have lost.
Was it an address,
of somebody very dear?
Or was it some letter,
that somebody wrote to me.
Maybe it was a gift
I received from a friend.
Could it be a heirloom
passed on to me by grandpa.
A forgotten bookmark I kept
in a book I never completed.
Haunting me now , a question
never answered, never faced.
I have got so much in life,
earned,saved and gained.
But still, what is this I've lost,
that I search for in a craze.
Craving for it, yet I know;
perhaps I will never find it.
It's gone ,gone away forever.

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