Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Footpath garibon ke baap ka nahin

@abhijeetsinger  has laid bare the hypocrisy of the well heeled elite by his disgusting and insensitive comment.  Not only has he done a great disservice to the person he wanted to defend in a drunk driving charge, but he has also brought us face to face with the naked truth of a society getting increasingly alienated from the human values of tolerance and compassion.

And he has shown his ignorant but arrogant self completely uncovered by commenting that footpath is not  anybody's paternal property to sleep upon. What he perhaps means to say that it is the place for drunk rich people to drive their imported cars.

But he is not alone. This type of statements are often uttered by many people in formal or informal gatherings. I have myself heard many such statements from people with whom I associate with. It may take the form of  "These slum people'', '' those wretched bastards'', '' saale bhookhe nange ''  ''votebank hai bhai ''  '' footpathia haramilog'' etc.  I don't entirely blame the people who comment like this. Maybe they are vexed by the helpless poverty all around which does not let them enjoy their wealth  with a clean conscience.  Or may be they really hate to be bracketed as Indians with these unwashed, unwanted floatsam of humanity.

The British had posted notices of '' Dogs and Indians not allowed '' on the doors of elite clubs. Sometimes, I wonder, have we really progressed beyond that  mentality. Can't really say. Sometimes these comments make me mad and dream of the bloody revolution that never happened in this country.

I am neither against Salman nor carry any ill-will against him as a person. He committed a griveous mistake, then compounded it into a problem for himself and has been handed  punishment by law. I can only pray that it does not happen to me or anyone from my family or friends. But what enrages me is the delay in the process of justice  and the sympathy wave from the happy happy set of Bollywood and the glam sham brigade. Nobody is even asking what happened to the family of the dead man. Some are rooting for a process of blood money like Sharia law. What a shameful bunch of people !

And that singer proves that he is a real bastard and has no idea who his real father is.

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