Saturday, 30 May 2015

From the reaction of apologists of the present regime, it seems that everybody wants a comparison with someone else and then demanding that there should be no criticism because of TINA ( There is no alternative) factor.  This is the first step towards an authoritarian rule. Something like this happened in 71 too with Indira Gandhi. But then who will listen ? Those who point out the defects are dubbed as frustrated nitpickers and the self praising  one man show rolls on to the cheers of  educated, well to do but ignorant middle class pumped by the capitalist dreams.

The latest statistical obsession appears to be the body count of people dying in the heat wave across the country.

Its really sad that the extreme heat conditions have taken such a toll of human lives. Surprisingly, the south eastern part seems to be very badly affected as compared to the north western part where high temperatures in summer is taken to be the norm.

Waiting for the monsoon to provide the much needed cooling showers.  Then again the floods will dominate the statistical tally of lives lost. How  much dependant on nature, we are, in spite of all our so called progress.


The real me remains deep and unconscious under layers of conscious interactions shaping the outward personality. Like the mask of make believe over the face of reality. Even the self looks at the mirror of contemporary surround and starts living in the comfort of the created myth. By the way, this make believe or Maya as we call it is not negative. But it is only the way and not the destination.


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