Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fully fiction

The sunset never looked as beautiful . We sat there on the wide roots spread overground under the shade of the large tree. Lots of birds on the branches above were chirping away excitedly after coming back to their homes . But it didn't sound like a cacophony . Instead it all merged into a background music to the most wonderful scene that was unfolding before our eyes.

Just in front of us , only a few meters away the green carpet of grass sloped down, gradually on to the plains below. Till the banks of the river that flowed . The river was just visible as the water shined under the fading light. The other side of the river was barely visible. The orange glow of the sky darkened with every passing minute . We sat there , speechless. Not knowing what to say. Both of us never realised when our hands sought each other and the fingers clasped .

Those memories of the last hour of our meeting will always remain etched in my mind forever. We had gone there to part from each other , to break up , to end the relationship that was taking us nowhere. But it made us realise how much we missed each other. And that feeling still continues . Even after so many years

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