Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Random 21092016

I believe in fantasies. I really like the charm and power that fantasies weave around me . The make-believe world of fantasy is a safe place to visit , without any need to bother about any one . But to many people this is a sign of immaturity . I have found that people often laugh at me with derision and dismiss me as a frivolous joker , because I believe in fantasies. To people at large , fantasy is just practice of escapism .

But then I wonder, why do people become so defensive when you speak about religion . Isn't religion the biggest fantasy that we believe , practice and live in ? I know this question will again make some people uncomfortable . And maybe treated with another derisive dismissal .

Whether we agree or not , it is a fact that life is not fully made up of harsh reality . There is a big space for fantasy in human minds . And this is what differentiates us from other animals . Instead of only being guided by experiences , we create them in our minds and try to use them in navigating through the maze when we lose direction . Or decide on the direction we want to take .

Reality also differs from person to person . In some cases realtity mimics fantasy and very often fantasy is just an attempt to present reality in new clothes , to make it suitable for use. So I say , believe in fantasies , try to use them in the positive way . But never get carried away by them . And please, please keep them personal . Don't try to force them on others . As long it remains your own , there is no conflict .


One positive thing to emerge this year has been the monsoon. . Rainfall has been good , overall across the country. Maybe , a little too good at some places. And the prediction by the much maligned Metreological department has been proved to be true with rains extending to the month of September.

Even three weeks into September , good amount of rains are blessing us. Right now Mumbai is getting drenched by steady rainfall . Hope the reservoirs are filled and the effects of drought for two consecutive years are mitigated to some extent.

A big round of applause for the Met department. We have come a long way from the days when people sceptically dismissed their observations. With satellite support and advanced imagery , they are now much more reliable . At least more than the politicians.

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