Friday, 17 February 2017

Random thoughts 17022017

In speeches after speeches at election rallies, politicians including top leaders of the country are uttering  half truths, untruths, abuses, nonsense and downright drivel.  But the fact of the matter  is that a large number of people are also lapping  it all up with glee . And that include the illiterate cowherd in villages to the highly  educated  and slick  merchant banker in cities . Nobody can ignore this.

As long as the people of the country treat politics as a spectacle and consider politicians as entertainers, they will carry on with this type of  campaigns .  We can’t really blame the politicians . The fault lies in our nonchalant  tolerance of everything , good , bad , evil and even the clown . 

#Crystalgazing How about a scenario for 2019 -
President of India Mulayam Singh Yadav
Prime Minister of India Akhilesh Yadav
Chief Minister of Uttarpradesh Dimple Yadav

If you laugh its entirely your problem or pleasure. Thank me for adding some mirth to your life. But don't forget everything is possible in politics, particularly in India.
Disclaimer: Though I am all for legalising weed, I am not on Baba's prasad right now. Bam Bhole.

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