Monday, 20 February 2017

Random thoughts 20022017

मरने के बाद क्या कब्रिस्तान और क्या श्मशान ?

लेकिन  मौत का सौदागर को तो इससे भी फायदा ही उठाना है ।

#Justsaying Last time, he said NCP stood for Naturally Corrupt Party and this year Sharad Pawar got Padma Bibhushan. Today he says BSP stands for Behenji Sampatti Party. Looks like Mayawati is set to receive the Padma Bibhushan award next year. #Crystalgazing

If the BJP does not win a majority in the Uttar pradesh legislative assembly after such a high pitched ,aggressive, no-holds-barred , dramatic  and well planned campaign by their star campaigner, then the blame will be fairly and squarely on him .

But no doubt, he has set a new depthmark (as opposed to benchmark) in election campaign by abusing his official position to launch such vitriolic attack on the different political personalities. We can only hope that this does not become a template for others to follow in future.

But BJP had received such a huge mandate in the 2014 general elections. They seem to have just frittered it away. Had they done some thing substantial and positive in the last thousand days of its  rule , they would not  need to even campaign this time.

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