Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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What kind of people are these who threat young girls with rape and physical assault . And what type of a society is this where they get support for such abusive behaviour.

And how do their parents feel to have conceived such trash. Don't their mothers and sisters cringe with revulsion to serve food to these guys or interact with them at home.

All those people who try to justify such abusive behaviour against young girls ~ do you have a college going daughter, sister, niece in your family . How will you feel if they are issued such threat of rape with graphic details of the proposed atrocity to the girl. How will you feel if they are assaulted by the police in contravention of all norms of decency or human values.

This matter is not only about ideology or politics . But the complicity of the establishment with the lumpens to throttle the voice of youth. The effort to browbeat the next generation to fall in line and create a herd of conformists. To gag dissent and stop questions.

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Apart from being the daughter of a soldier, who laid down his life for the country, Gurmeher Kaur is a rank outsider; almost nobody. But what she said merits introspection and understanding with application of mind.

Those who are opposing her statement are fully entitled to disagree with her views . But those well known personalities who are just ridiculing her to raise a good laugh and be in the news are simply exposing their idiocy. Trying to ingratiate themselves with the ruling party, either by design , naivety or maybe due to affiliation, they are only making us aware that they do not actually deserve the adulation and following which we bestowed upon them for their professional excellence.

The hate brigade which is threatening her with harm is the scum of the society that is encouraged by the active support from such people and emboldened by the passive acceptance of people who don't protest such atrocious behaviour in the name of neutrality. Actually this is the  alliance that is subverting the democracy and the constitution.

A section of urban upwardly mobile middle class is also harping on the limits of free speech and  boundaries of intellectual expression. These closet supporters of fascism are now trying to raise their voice by showing their concern for the country in the light of their crooked sense of nationalism. For them media is paid, protesting students are parasites, supporting teachers are instigators, intellectuals are radical left  and liberals are anti nationals.ABVP and BJP are discriminated against , if you believe them. And their fervent wish is to see all troublemakers need to be eliminated from the society . But in spite of  the massive propaganda enabling the rise of such viewpoints , it is being proved time and again that in spite of a heartless, cynical and apathetic world that we live in , it is the younger generation which still gives us hope.

Gurmeher represents that hope.

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