Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Random thoughts 01032017

Just note how the conspiracy theory with terrorist angle is used to garner votes and hide inefficiency. Only a few days back , we were told by the Prime Minister at an election meeting that the Kanpur rail accident, in which 143 people were killed was a conspiracy and the conspirators carried it out sitting across the border. Now yesterday, the  DG, Railways, Uttar Pradesh Police, told the participants of n official meeting on rail-safety that the cause of derailment of 14 coaches of the Indore–Patna Express near Kanpur was not an act of sabotage but “fatigue of railway tracks” and they had found no traces of explosives at the accident site.

Because the top leader himself uses mockery,lies, falsehoods, rabble rousing half-truths and untruths in his public speeches day in and day out, the smaller minions have to try harder to be relevant and heard . So we find the instances of  rape threats, trolling etc. happens as we find them today. Forgotten is the accident and any reference to its root cause - safety measures. The people who died will not come back. Is this  apathetic administration lesser than terrorists ?

If you remember – last year around this time the JNU issue hogged the limelight. The Delhi Police arrested Kanhaiya Kumar on 9th February 2016 on charges of sedition for shouting antinational slogans. The young man was castigated by the Bhakt brigade and a wave of faux patriotic upsurge was engineered. He was manhandled by the Police as well as goons dressed as nationalist lawyers inside court premises under police custody. Today after an year , Delhi Police have reportedly not found any comprehensive evidence to pursue its sedition case against him.

The people who shouted the slogans have not been punished till now. When they can’t arrange for punishment ,within a year , of people who shout anti national slogans, how do we believe that this government will be able to do anything effective against those who indulge in far greater crimes of harmful  anti national activities. What do you say now , all you creatures who regularly snigger and use words like sickular, libtard, naxalite, AAPist etc to malign anybody who dares to question the crooked shenanigans of the establishment in favour of the ruling party and its lumpen cohorts? No wonder the people of this ilk are now trained their guns on a student - a mere young girl , who has bravely vented her feelings.

Joining the chorus of some celebrities aligned to the negative mindset of ultra nationalism and jingoistic trash , Shazia Ilmi of BJP ( yes , the same person who used to attack BJP aggressively till May 2014 and contested Lok Sabha election against V K Singh) has blamed Congress and AAP for politicizing the DU – Gurmeher  issue and has dared them by asking if the Congress and AAP ready to take out a rally saying - 'Don't blame Pak' for martyrdom of our soldier and want peace with Pakistan.

Now with due respect to the fact that she was a competent TV anchor , well known social activist of yore and also because she is a lady, I won’t be uncharitable towards her for bringing a political angle herself to what is largely a small  issue of rebellious dissent and emotional outburst by a young girl. And in that too she is missing the point by a mile if not more.

Yes Ms Shazia Ilmi , no political party can position themselves for peace with Pakistan under the present atmosphere. Nobody can take out placards with “Don’t blame Pak’ on them . But then it also does not mean that we complete our patriotic duty by blaming Pak and doing nothing else. You and your party love to blame Pak for almost every woe that we face. But it is your party that is running the government. What have you done other than blaming them ? Your PM by himself visited Pakistan  to gain publicity. It was not Gurmeher, her father or a common man like me. There is still a government level friendly relation between Pakistan and India. We maintain full diplomatic relations with them. It has been highlighted many a times before. If we the people want to have a people to people level friendship , why does it raise the hackles of your party ?

I stand with Gurmeher, I don’t blame Pak. I blame our politicians for keeping the Pak bogey alive in an effort to drum up faux nationalism . Either let us admit officially that Pakistan is an enemy country like USA did for Iran, Libya, Cuba etc. or let us accept them as friends and live with a shared bond of  empathy and connect. It can’t be so that you use them as a bogey to make people fall in line for everything from demonetisation to increase in price of LPG . And when somebody decides to give peace a chance at a personal level, please don’t unleash your fanged dogs of hell upon them as retribution. I know you will never read this or care about it . But like Gurmeher or me, there are many who don’t get carried away by the jingoistic tirades of your party. And we will speak out.

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