Monday, 20 March 2017

Random thoughts 20032017

He is an educated , intelligent aspiring upwardly mobole upper middle-class young man . Right now employed in a private Bank.  Holds a PG diploma from one of the IIMs . Have lived in many cities and towns of India. Well mannered, well spoken with a nice personality. Kind of person whom you would like to have as your son on law , if you had a daughter. Hope you get the description.

Now when this sort of a person feels optimistic about the choice of the CM of UP and hails the new CM as a strong personality; reposing faith on him to deliver a clean and corruption free administration, then I get worried. Because ,  there must be some problem either with the value system of the society and/ or the education system of the country. Maybe  it has something to do with both.

But there can be a third and chilling possibility too - there is no place for people like me any more in this setup . My thoughts , ideas and ideals are not in sync with the people around me. That makes me afraid.

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