Thursday, 2 March 2017

Random thoughts 0203217

#Afterthoughts All around us things happen about which we know really know little about. It is as if we are surrounded by a series of phenomena that we don’t understand. When we don't know something, it is natural for us to be curious, ask questions, and explore assumptions. But does it happen that way for all of us ? Don't we shut our senses to all that happens around us ? We feel contented with the mystery of life and let it be that way. This contentment is a way of shutting ourselves. We need to live a life in which we are always  questioning, investigating and wondering.
Unknown to us there are a lot of invisible super forces working incessantly and dispassionately in the background on our behalf . But we need to be curious to feel these forces . And that is the real essence of liberty  When people denigrate the term liberal  they forget that it is the natural result of being curious and understanding these forces.
Often I find that we, or most of us, let the long shadows of tradition and the confined space of authority guide us to understand life around us and form our worldview. We analyse events and utterances in the light of what we have been taught to think as being the right way, instead of reasoning. But the human societies have not evolved that way. No sacred book or set of religious instructions can be said to be the complete guide to life. It is the questions and the journey to find their answers that shape our lives and also the societies that we live in. The voice of reason is what defines progress of the human being. Whenever the society fails to encourage the voice of reason, it goes back in time and impedes progress by evolution. 

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