Thursday, 16 March 2017

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The allegations of EVM tampering cannot be just laughed away or ignored. It is so interesting to note that in this country you can demand and have a forensic test to determine whether the meat inside refrigerator was beef or mutton. But the moment you doubt EVMs you are laughed at.

People who wish to dismiss the allegations without any consideration appear to forget that rigging of elections in this country has happened regularly. It will be foolhardy to wish away the rigging of EVMs by saying – Such things do not happen. Or even a step ahead as – This is impossible. There has always been a sneaky feeling of unease at the way the whole EVM system works. Complaints have been made earlier too and this is not the first time that questions are being raised on its use, or rather, misuse.

To label the protesting political leaders as whining losers is another way to create an optical illusion and browbeat the opposition. What these leaders are alleging may be false. So why not prove them wrong? Galileo had to face inquisition and was punished for heresy for daring to say that the earth was round, not flat.  But he was subsequently proved to be correct, much after his death. Have we forgotten that?

Cyber frauds, tampering of electronic instruments and fuzzing of data are not unheard of in this country.  In a country where electric meters are often found tampered regularly, can EVM tampering be beyond imagination? The Indian society has never followed the principles of fair play which is more of a planted British concept of old schools. The Indian society and the polity have always functioned over the ages on the basis of Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed, the principles espoused by Chanakya to grab and retain power. So it is not at all impossible that the EVMs have been tampered in a desperate bid to win.

We have seen football, cricket and boxing matches being fixed. Lotteries manipulated and even cricket pitches made to suit the home side. Fake voter cards and ration cards are a fact of life. People openly celebrate two birthdays, one official and the other unofficial. Openly bigamous persons fight elections, even win them and serve as law makers, cocking a snook at the law. Blatantly false mark sheets are provided to prove educational qualifications. So the expectation of a fair play in this setup is juvenile.

Some arguments try to portray the allegations of EVM tampering as casting aspersions on the independence of the Election Commission and intent of the government. Yes, it is that away please, Thank you. The independent institutions have all fallen now and are existing to carry out the instructions of the rulers. Governors, Universities, Censor Board, CBI, Armed forces, Judiciary, RBI,  name them and you take your pick. The defences against totalitarianism as  enshrined in our constitution have all been breached. Every vestige of impartiality has been blown away. In this scenario who can keep faith on the Election commission being neutral?

Ultimately it is a question of belief. Instead of blaming the doubters let us question why there is such a big question mark against the credibility of the government. Fake achievements, false promises, manufactured data, distorted information and the on-your-face trampling of rules and norms have not enhanced its reputation. It is always easy to come out with the oft repeated comparative rant of – “Where were you when…” but it has to be remembered that two wrongs don’t make a right. One may mistake the applause of supporters to be overwhelming vindication of the actions. But it is the silence of the faithful which is dangerous. Some people were dismayed at the huge gathering of mourners at the funeral of Yaqub Memon. Does that absolve him of his crimes? Does the death of Jayalalitha hide the fact that had she been alive, she would be convicted ahead of Sashikala?

And what if, later someday it is proved that the EVMs were actually tampered, as alleged.  Why not initiate an enquiry to remove all doubts.

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