Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Ajit Wadekar

The name Ajit Wadekar always conjures up the image of a transistor radio and the whole family gathered around it . It brings remembrances of those days when cricket was a seasonal game . Those were the days when cricketers and for that matter players had  normal jobs and though celebrities , could have normal lives like us , their fans .

His name will always be associated with the turnaround of cricketing fortunes of the country. He was a part of my childhood . Not because of his personal achievements but being a catalyst (perhaps accidental) of changes , in outlook, in fortunes, in the way of life, we led.

He was also a senior officer of my ex employer SBI where he joined as a regular  Probationary Officer , had all regular assignments , got regular promotions , retired in a regular manner and was a regular pensioner of the Bank till his demise yesterday. I saw him twice in person on the cricket field and twice as a senior bank officer.

Learning about his death, saddened me, early this morning. He led a full life , with ups , downs, power, pride, failures, successes, controversies but above all a lot of respect. My silent homage to him . Wishing him peace .

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