Monday, 28 February 2011

Face in the mirror

Standing in front of the closed doors,
I wondered. Should I really proceed.
But then I had to be there.
I had travelled so far only for this.
So I unlocked the doors
and entered the room.
Inside,with other old furnitures was a mirror,
covered with dust.
In the dim light,I could see something in it.
Was it my reflection?
But I never looked like this.
I approached the mirror with uncertain steps.
With my fingers I waved
the spider nets and the film of dust on it.
It was not me. Something cold ran through me.
I stood transfixed and gazed
helplessly at the unknown person
reflected in the mirror.
It looked so gaunt and tired.
I shook my head and strangely enough,
the other person did the same.
Then everything came to me like a flash.
This was me .
Me without my mask.
Both of us standing on two sides
of the mirror were the same person.
Only the mask had slipped.

Arunangshu Paul
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