Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The lost river

I have come here to find my river back.
The river which I lost , years ago.
None cried for the loss , nobody bothered.
The river had no one to call its own.
But, I knew , it was lost somewhere here,
As it haunted me, in my dreams .
calling me again and again.
Standing here , under the dark clouds,
parted by the lightning sparks.
The sound of distant thunder in my ears,
I can smell the sweet aroma of the parched earth
getting wet with the first raindrops.
As I look beyond the plains fading
into the arms of dark horizon, I realise.
My river would be some where here.
The search of my river has defined me,
the effort left me drained.
I had always believed, I will find it again ,
even if for a while.
But I lay no claims on it.
After all it was only a river.
It would flow along and never stay.

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