Friday, 25 February 2011

I live for those tears

Never understood,
Why these things happen with me.
Like an old and ancient proverb,
it always rings true.

Whenever I stand alone and look across
the road in front of my house on a dusky evening
I find the onset of the impending darkness 
dripping from the leaves,like snowfall on the hills.
At the same moment , the setting Sun,
colours the treetops with its soft colour,
making it look like a newly wed bride
with Sindur splattered on her forehead.

And then the tears well up in my eyes.
I can't stop them. Even though I try.
Meaningless tears, I know.
No reason for me to cry.

So much life to live. So many things to do.
All around me are the things I always wanted for me.
Neatly arranged for me to use and enjoy - but still,
I have to cry . As if, I live for those tears.

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