Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bye Bye Left Front ?

Tonight will be a night of suspense tinged with anticipation. Like
millions of Bengalis and others interested in Bengal,all over the
country and the globe,I will be waiting with bated breath for the dawn
to break and counting of votes to begin for the West Bengal assembly
After 34 years,the Left Front faces the moment of truth.
All exit polls give clear majority to the TMC-Cong alliance. But
wait,there is much drama to unfold. History has a strange way to
record its silent vicissitudes.
I am not a sociology pundit nor a political creature. For me politics
is amusing,nefarious,cynical and heartless obsession of power hungry
individuals. But I also acknowledge that it is a necessary evil to
bear with for a democracy.
As a common man, I neither feel elated about the Parivartan which
Mamata speaks of nor hold a brief for the LF. But after three decades
people also deserve a break. That is the essence of democracy. It
makes you differentiate between the alternatives available and decide.
One thing is certain. The Left has to change itself and metamorphosis
into a truly Social Democratic avatar . Whether they win or lose, they
have to rethink on their line of thinking and look ahead from the
gerontocracy,dogma,stubbornness and the oligarchy that pervades the
system of their functioning. They have had their place in the history
and have basked in the glory of the Communist Sun. It is the time for
payback now. Some questions which they should answer after
retrospection are as follows:
After 34 years of dominance
Why is there no representation of females in the party or government setup?
Why do students leave WB for higher studies?
Why is the health facility so poor in the state?
Why are the minorities particularly Muslims away from the mainstream
of social life?
Why is the rapid rural migration happening?
Why are women from the state being trafficked all across the country
for sex slavery?
There are many more questions like this. They should be answered
truthfully without political rhetoric or statistical comparison.
I do not trust Mamata to change the situation. She might prove to be
worse. But she deserves a chance. And she will get it. Its upto her to
squander it and face the ire or build a new Bengal upon the people's
Whatever happens I pray that both the sides behave responsibly in
victory or in defeat . Let not the state be subsumed by the fire of
fatricidal and internecine feuds leaving mothers childless,children
orphan and families devastated. Hate begets hate. So with hopes of
better tomorrow, I hope whoever wins, peace will prevail.

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