Saturday, 21 May 2011


Every weekend I spare some time
to watch the migratory flamingoes
as they visit the waterbody near my home.
They come one by one - or sometimes in flocks.
Over the marsh that provides them with food.
They gather their food from the muddy water
as they stride gracefully along the banks.
Its a majestic site to watch .
And I am sure will gladden everyone.
I always wonder , where they go thereafter
After the evening sets, do they have nests?
Or do with sleep in the open .
They must be wary of predators in the dark.
Watching them gives me the strength to live.
Their life teach me a lesson everyday.
You have to work hard for your daily meal
but still can live free and wild
 if only you have the will
to fly away on your wings.
as posted on my facebook status 20th May 2011

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