Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kashmakash is a Beautiful movie.

Kashmakash is a Beautiful movie.

 I watched the movie yesterday 22/05/11 at Cinemax Vashi with my wife.

 Rituporno Ghosh is a great director. But I had never liked his movies too much.

But today after watching Kashmakash I can say he is truly a great artist. The way he has brought out the essence of Tagore on celluloid reminds one of the great master Ray and his works Ghare Baire and Charulata.

 The movie has been treated in a lyrical manner where each scene becomes flowers strung in a garland . The camera, lighting ,art direction and makeup are of high quality and compels  you  to watch the scenes by the sheer magic created on celluloid.

 Gulzar again proves why he should be called the poet sublime. He has again reinvented himself. The Hindi dialogues and the music are also so sweet on your ears that you realise  what you were missing.

 Acting by Jishu,Raima and Dhritiman are of top order. Raima looks like a fairy . Such beauty has not been seen on screen for many days after Jayaprada and Madhuri. But the surprise packet is Riya who has exuded the innocent and Lolita-like appeal which has made her role the most lovable.

But even the moon has its blemishes. So let me point out to them:

1. Hindi dubbing seems to be done in a hurry. It could have been better.

2. The capsize of boat could be shot with more action.

3. The effect of father's death was treated very lightly ,almost ignored. It was jarring.

4.Prosenjit acted well but was miscast. He looked aged and old. Everything has a shelf life.............


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