Monday, 16 May 2011

Happiness walks with me.

How can I ever forget the days
when happiness walks with me.
The weather takes a different hue
and curious eyes peep questioningly.
Oblivious of the crowd around us,
we just keep on walking.
But whatever I thought of saying
seems to get stuck inside my throat.
I prattle about some silly little things
which are all that I can think about.
Happiness just keeps on walking
smiling gently by my side.
I feel,as if,we will walk like this
to the end , all through the night.
But time,my old enemy, spoils
the dream and plays its hand again.
It's time for happiness to leave me
all alone and walk away from me.
Since then I am waiting for eons,
with a silent little prayer on my lips.
Happiness,please come back
to me and fill my life with smiles.

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