Monday, 2 January 2012

Life as we know doesn't stop. Neither does it let us to go back in
time in the physical sense. But our minds retain that small bit of the
by gone somewhere within.
As I proceed to the first day of daily work routine for the year,can't
help ruminating on the overall impact of the time on our lives. 2011
is already much behind us. 2012 being a leap year has a day more but
already the first day of the year has gone !
We will feel the hangover of the year past for a few more days. Dates
will end in 11 and will be taken as silly mistake. We will still talk
of next year. But routine of the daily grind will catch up and we will
all be soon very much into the year 2012.
I personally felt that people celebrated the coming of 2012 a bit
tentatively,as if unsure of what to expect from it. Is this because of
the overdose of bad news all around ? Does it reflect the hopeless
mood prevailing ? May be we are all spreading ourselves too much and
collecting the negatives . The continuous barrage of information may
be the prime reason of our sense of isolation.
The happy facade we build around us belies the insecurity within. We
are in a perpetual state of denial of the reality . Often we talk of
reliving the past. But how many of us would really want to live the
life in past without the trappings of today's amenities.
So in reality past is gone. We can only live our lives today. Tomorrow
may be late.
And years! They will come and go. Whether you make resolutions or not.

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