Saturday, 28 January 2012

To close the eyes after many sleepless nights
carrying the fears deep within ,
the mortal cycle of life repeats over again
yet we try, we try with hopeless routine
all over again, knowing fully well,
the barred walls of this jail will never yield.
What the roof conceals is not the sky;
beyond the realm of sight sparkles another world,
distant and cold , maybe lifeless too , who bothers.
The unfinished stories that we write will remain
colourless ,they are destined to,
so why think about them.
Let them live their incomplete life .
Hold yourself guilty of meaningless sins
committed with every breath taken ,
reeked with greed , dark,evil and dirty
blakened wih the smoke of burning desires.
Shadows of tomorrow looms over when
the search for yesterday begins all over.
How will you escape the truth
when there is no doors open to find your way
in this closed space of mind.

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