Thursday, 16 April 2015

Jnata parivar

A lot of sarcastic cynicism and jokes are doing the rounds in the wake of the Janata parivar coming together. People seem to be quite amused by this development and looking forward to another squabble and infighting in the not too distant future. And they may be right too, going by the past form of the stalwarts who have come together to forge an alliance, once again. More like the Afghan warlords during Soviet occupation of that beleaguered country.

But however much they try to roll the four decades back , the world is a different place today . A merger only highlights the insecurities faced individually by all of them ; not from the weakened Hand or the blooming Lotus ; but from the sturdy Broom that has the power to sweep everything away. Writing a fresh chapter of history without understanding the new idiom of politics  is just an attempt to hold onto straws while the floodgate opens up.  

Make no mistake of the agenda and the concern of these Janata parivar sataraps who are coming together on the platform of convenience and necessity. They are worried about the force of BJP no doubt but actually afraid of AAP or some AAP like regional formation ( if AAP decides not to spread). From the lesson learnt from the Delhi debacle of Congress, these wily power players know that they stand the chance of being thrown to the dustbin of history, not by BJP wave but something which is completely different.

So the hurry and  bonhomie for the one last hurrah. Because time is running out for them. The whole space of alternative politics is wide open for a new call.

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