Wednesday, 1 April 2015

You have failed your planet

The warning has been sounded long ago
through the cover of smoke , now;
Try to look far enough and see
as far your burning eyes take you.
This burning acrid smell of rotten flesh,
this surely is the smell of death.
From the stoked embers of the heaped ash
will rise the God of death .
Human beings , beware of his wrath
you have all failed your planet .
Learned men, who are you to decide
what’s right and what is really wrong.
There should be a way to run off from it all
when its time for old debtors to recall.
Healing of old wounds takes time
so does the torment of souls to die
even a hundred years of falling rain
will not wash away the blood on your hands
for you have all failed your planet.
The future you have written with your deeds
is so bleak damp and grey .
That even rays of light will just be trapped there
Hopeless abode of wretched souls
who scrawl profanities on the walls  

That’s the future you are looking for.

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