Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Suicide of a farmer

This is my sin, your sin, our collective sin. Where is the society heading to ?
Politics be damned. How do we reconcile with these people, our own countrymen.

Deaths of farmers by suicide all around the country are just statistics for the administration, issue to be exploited by politicians, News headlines for the media and impotent intellectual masturbation for us all.

But do we realise, do our rulers cutting across party lines realise, do the opinion leaders realise the other aspect of these suicides. All these suicides mirroring helplessness is spreading through the society like a cancerous epidemic. If left unchecked it will not remain confined to the farmers only.

There is a lot of stress,depression and vulnerability all around. If  these farmer suicides  continue then a day will soon come when people from different sections of the society facing financial loss will chose this as the best solution for them. And repeated instances will have a negative impact on the younger people too. We may believe that all such discussions are just time pass but in fact have lasting effects on the psyche.

So, where are we headed to ? What development are we speaking about ? How long will it take before we begin our walk on the road to perdition ? 

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