Friday, 15 June 2012

Elementary illusions coagulating into a congealed compound

This is the reason why sometimes
 I get irritated, with all  these stray
elementary illusions coagulating into
a congealed  compound , soft and glutinous
but unbreakable  and resisting force.
Rendering me into a vegetable, dressed
and waiting on some antique furniture.
Life , as we perceive is after all
 just a three dimensional trap .
The vast vaccum of nothingness traced
by the locus of daily chores punctuated
with  loads of boredom.
If you use the opposite side of the binocular
and peer into the spectacle of a house
burning in your neighbourhood,
what you see is a spectral aura .
Now follow the luminous trajectory
of many such grief collected together
and try to decipher the symptoms of
the disease afflicting our lives .
Its a tangled web beyond the realm
of perdition sought by hunched figures
servile in their sacrifice before the altar.
Eternity beckons them, hereafter
they will be anointed as immortals

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