Thursday, 14 June 2012

Where were all these lovely meadows?
when I walked under the scorching Sun.
Bereft of clouds or even a trace of shade,
the sky burned, in a blinding radiance .
My futile search for the elusive headwaters, drained
every drop of blood from the body.
The hint of a sudden capitulation written
all over the explicit intention of a pause
on finding the welcome sight of oasis
soon gave way to the hopeless realisation
that it was nothing but an abstract emblem
of hope on the large horizon spread far .
The disparate collection of people around
who formed the caravan jostled for space
even under the wide open burning sky.
Looking at them, who would believe ?
These were the persons for whom every day
were just a collection of blissful remembrance
spent in a divine state of enthralled rapture.
Now to see them incited with a rare frenzy,
eagerness on their face written all over .
Makes me so much afraid , I wonder
what are the reasons of their perverse exultation.

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Arunangshu Paul
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