Sunday, 24 June 2012

What you really mean to me.

I know very well that a day will come
when to stop me going there will be none
the journey which I will have to take then
will be all alone and without company.
Before setting for the place unknown,
I want you to know what you meant to me.

Nobody returns from the place ,we know
but still , that's where we all have to go.
Someday, if the bell rings to say my time's up
and my voyage to the shadows begin.
I will seek you with my dimming eyes
Just to tell you before I make my move;
how much you really meant to me.
I may not surely be a part of your life now
and my audieu may not change your day.
But later, when you spare a moment alone
as something suddenly reminds you of me.
Memories will cloud your thoughts for sure
and as grief wells up in those dark eyes
you'll realise what you really meant to me.

If the day comes and I have to leave
No reason for you to think I have gone .
It's just that I will be away from your sight
as I am now , missing you but still silent.
I will always be there around because
there's so much of what I wanted to tell you
but so little of it I could really say
all those unspoken words will float
in the breeze that blows from the distant sky.
Whispering in your ears in moaning sighs
to say how much you really meant to me. 

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