Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shanghai – is a very well made movie.

After reading so much about it, it was with a lot of expectations that I went to watch the movie #Shanghai on a rainy afternoon . I must admit that I was not disappointed. #Dibakar Banerjee  has crafted a very contemporary dark movie in a thriller format. The movie manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats till the end .

The dark tone of the movie is reflected in the camera work which captures the shades of grey in the characters quite literally with the lighting . the shots are mostly indoors and the restlessness of the characters are brought out very well. in the acting department both #Emraan and Abhay  are solid . My personal favourite was the underplayed portrayal of a South Indian by #Abhay Deol. it was a very difficult role to play and  @Abhay Deol has proved that he is really an actor and  cares two hoots for stardom unlike the other worthies in his family.

It was good to see an actor of the calibre of #Prosenjit in a pivotal role . It is necessary for the modern Hindi  cinema to look beyond Bollywood and discover a pan-Indian appeal and idiom for itself. assimilating regional sub cultures and good actors from various parts of the country is a very important part of this process.

All in all , Shanghai was an entertaining movie, even though it was away from the mainstream type of #Bollywood potboilers. It will be remembered as  a good political thriller.  the director has avoided being judgmental about the issue in question and also the characters in the movie. It has been left to the audience to understand the characters as they perceive them to be. This interactive element makes the movie really wonderful.

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