Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Random thoughts 11042017

As if deciding what we should eat or rather what we shouldn't wasn't enough. Now how much we should eat is also going to be limited by the powers that be.
Wastage of food is really bad. My blood boils when I see food being wasted. But that doesn't mean that the number of prawns that I pay for with my own hard-earned money, restrictions, with accompanying taxes and service charges as applicable, be limited in accordance to someone's Mann ki Baat. And the size of the Chicken Tandoori that I want to bite into can't also be made to order. What about those who love to eat ? And those who live to eat ? In other restrictions, if brought in, are sheer nuisance and nonsense , both rolled into one. The restaurants will now readily limit the food helpings to absurd levels as suggested by diet planners but will not reduce the price.
What is the world coming to , I wonder. If this is the state of affairs, then it will be better to live permanently in detoxification centers living on Lauki juice and Papaya salad. 

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