Saturday, 29 April 2017

Random thoughts 28042017

As a responsible citizen ,it is now our duty to ensure that all the cows we interact with , have their unique identification tags. Please note.


I must admit sheepishly that I have not seen Bahubali 1 except for some half an hour on TV. So I have missed out on the national obsession on - Kattappa Ne Bahubali ko kyun Maaraa ? Now Bahubali 2 will answer the question, I suppose. Best wishes to all viewers for a nice movie experience with the kids. I have already decided to give this too , a pass.

If that makes me like the guy - jisko PSPO nahi maloom hai - so be it.


Need has a physical perspective but greed is purely psychological. But very often we can not differentiate between the two and end up equating our needs to the dictate of greed. Then blame the needs for the stress.

Both greed and need are natural and they can't be just wished away. Without them perhaps the material world we live in would not be what it is.The history of the evolution of human civilisation is linked to them. Need is behind all the innovations and inventions and greed has fuelled the wars and kingdoms.

Some amount of greed is good, perhaps. Otherwise we would all be ascetic monks. But it is the balance of the need and the greed in our personal lives which defines us.

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