Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Random thoughts 17042017

#RandomThoughts Was just wondering about Baluchistan, which will be soon the next hot spot, as things are moving. But then I suddenly realise that I have never met a  Baloch or even a person of Baloch ancestry.

Being born and brought up in a melting pot place like Jamshedpur and then having lived in places like Kolkata, Mumbai and North Bengal I have come across different persons with origins varying from Burma to Afghanistan, Nagas to Adiyars , Nepali to Tulu, Muslim Santhals to Roman Catholic Brahmins (Yes, yes this is a fact) but somehow never came across any Baloch.

There are a lot of Sindhis in Mumbai  and Delhi. The Sindhi is a scheduled language for India . There must be some Balochis too.  What type of language that they speak , any idea ? I mean is it more like Pashto,Punjabi or Sindhi ? Have you met one of them ? If anyone reading this post can share their personal experience about knowing or  interacting with Balochis, that will be welcome.

If Kulbhushan Jadhav is a private Indian citizen and not done anything to deserve death sentence, then we must try our best to save him from being hanged .

But if he is indeed a spy who has been sent there by the Indian establishment , no efforts should be spared to get him released. Because he is in this rut to serve the country and he should be brought back as a hero.

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