Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Random thoughts 18042017

#Trivia Females in India who wear Saris generally wear an inner skirt called "Saya" over which the sari is draped around , except when wearing it in the old Maharashtrian style. Though the dress Sari is being used by Indians, perhaps from ancient times, the use of this petticoat called Saya is perhaps not very old. It seems to be influenced by Europeans. In fact the word Saya itself is Spanish meaning petticoat. Those who thought that it is a Indian dress and part of our often touted great and ancient Hindu culture may please note this fact.

So the valid question which comes next  to mind then is - Did the Indian women actually use any underdress in earlier times ? Perhaps not . So that means all those scenes in TV and films of Draupadi in her petticoats during the Vastra haran scene in Mahabharata are all wrong. Isn't it ?

Further another hypothetical question which pops up is - If India indeed becomes a Hindu Rashtra as envisaged or dreamt of by many , will there be a ban on wearing Sayas under the Saris ? I know by now many females are ready to hurl stones at me. So I stop here.

Sorry, but can't help such stray thoughts coming to mind. I am like that only.#RandomThoughts

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