Saturday, 29 April 2017

Random thoughts 30042017

#Randomthoughts The ghastly car accident that happened in the wee hours of 29th April at Kolkata , killing a young model and injuring a young upcoming actor  brings to fore a number of questions. Some of them related to indiscretions of youth, lifestyle, traffic rules, social mores etc would sound like clichés . So detailing or discussing them is not necessary here. I don't think that would serve any purpose other than creating that nebulous feeling of awareness which is just as ephemeral as the dewdrops on a desert.

However a small item from the news reports raises a valid technical question. It's about the airbags that didn't open. Now like parachutes, the efficacy of airbags are proved only by their opening, during the the impact of  the accident. Either they open or they don't . Car makers advertise airbags as a premium safety feature and charge extra amount for the same. But do they really help ? Can any of the readers of this post recall any instance when airbags have saved lives. It would be interesting to know.

Should the opening of airbags in cars during emergency be subject to a number of specified parameters ? Can the car companies evade liability and responsibilities for the non functioning of airbags during emergency ?  Because at every instance of airbags not opening, they come up with a lot of technical details that ought to have been followed. All this may save them from losses but does not help to answer the doubts. These are some questions that come to even a blank, vacant and idle mind like mine. More intelligent and experienced  persons may throw some light on this matter.

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