Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Random thoughts 25042017

#BitterPill  To all those who are fond of hailing all decisions and announcements of the Union government since May 2014 as " Out of the box " ideas, this AADHAR card like ID proof for Cows must be the crowning glory.
That the highest seat of justice in this country has to hear such submissions by the legal representative  of the Union government in all seriousness is by itself a telling comment on the priorities that the nation grapple with presently.
I can only wonder at the other contents which are to be unboxed in due course. But as long as the clapper boys are ready to cheer their hero , we have to put up with all sorts of lopsided priorities to cover the deficiencies in delivery of the promises. 


Whenever a major terror attack takes place, killing a large number of security personnel, be it police, para-military or military, there occurs a justifiably shrill condemnation of such " Dastardly attack", sympathetic support for the security forces, a wave of patriotic fervour and precious little more in terms of action to ensure that such carnage do not happen again. Of course, we forget the roaring vows of " fitting reply" and varying degrees of Ninda, Kadhi Ninda, Ati Ninda, Maha Ninda and more from the ministers.
As concerned citizens of the country, we are expected to fall in line, follow the template and prove our patriotism. Any question on the reasons for such terrorism or any queries on the glaring security lapses is rebuffed with tags of "anti-national". Nobody is accountable, ministers and the government just brush off the incidents like specks of dust from their spotlessly clean jackets. So it's better to keep silent. Remember Pathankot and what happened then. Looks like Sukama will go the same way in some file.
But surely, a country where tagging cows with unique identity get priority deserves such rude awakenings from time to time. Then again go to sleep.

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