Thursday, 27 April 2017

Random thoughts 27042017

#RIPVinodKhanna. Very early in life, I  learnt that the word beautiful can not be used to describe men. Women had the sole right to beautiful and men could only aspire to be handsome.  In  Bengali we also have a term called Sonar Patharbati (Golden stone bowl) to describe something incredible.

Vinod Khanna perhaps epitomised the concept of a beautiful man and his beauty perhaps the nearest to be the  Sonar Patharbati . To me he was the most handsome man I have ever seen. And the only male for whom I had a crush .Yes, I have no shame to admit that I liked him only for his looks.

I first saw a movie starring Vinod Khanna probably in 1975 . But I remember the movie - Mera Gaon Mera Desh . And he was the villain, a Daaku .The mesmerising twinkling black eyes, the perfect nose, the thick sideburns, the naturally well built physique and the mocking smile on his face made an impression.

He was a competent actor but  I don't think I will remember him for his acting. It was the sheer magnetism and virility that he exuded that will keep him in our hearts. He was a man of many dimensions apart from acting, spiritualism to politics . A man who could leave stardom and explore himself. Then come back again and   carry on from where he left. Joined active politics and won the mandate of people repeatedly.

But above all he came out as a gentleman in his  behaviour. And inspire of being blessed with such a celebrity status, he always maintained the persona of a kind neighbourly person. Never gave the impression of a busy , haughty star or politician.  Actually people like him are getting less and lesser in our midst.

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