Monday, 29 February 2016


#RajeshKhanna -  Once upon a time , people who were fortunate enough to  visit Bombay to meet relatives or for a tour ,  were asked by their less fortunate friend's and relatives  , on going back  -  "Rajesh Khanna kaa Bungalow dekha ? "  Came to know from a news report that the bungalow " Äashirwaad"  on Carter Road, Bandra is being razed by the new owner. This bungalow had achieved an iconic status keeping with its celebrated superstar and moody owner .  It was bought by Rajesh Khanna from Rajendra Kumar, in 1970 after the release of his epynomous film and he stayed there till his death in 2012. `The romantically minded readers of this post will surely remember the superstar and shed a tear for him.

The hardnosed  variety , may chew on the fact that the bugalow was bought at a price of 3.5 lakhs by Kaka  and sold after his death reportedly at a price of Rs 90 Crs. Truly a superstar deal  !!

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