Thursday, 18 February 2016

Random thoughts 18022016

Farmers are committing suicide because they are unable to repay their loans .
Banks are committing suicide because they are unable to recover their loans.

Quotes to remember :
“Mein goli bhi maar deta agar bandook hoti. Koi hamari Ma ko gaali dega to kya usey maaroge nahin (I would have opened fire if I had a gun. If someone abuses our mother, won’t I beat him up).” Says BJP MLA O P Sharma.

“Not all farmers’ suicides happen due to unemployment and starvation. A fashion is going on. A trend is on,if Maharashtra government is giving five lakh rupees as compensation, then some other government in neighbouring state is giving seven lakh. There’s a competition in these people in giving money (compensation) to farmers.” Says BJP MP Gopal Shetty.


Aamir Khan is back in circulation with the Bhaktutes . He is now the brand ambassador for drought free Maharashtra. Seems he has been pardoned for his intolerance remark and can now hope to promote his new movie Dangal without worry. 

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