Friday, 19 February 2016

Random thoughts 19022016


Pathankot attack happened. There was an upsurge of patriotism . Then we learnt the attack was already anticipated and warned against . The Home minister assured the nation that the operation was successfully finished even as militants continued the attack for a full day after he said so.  We were expected to  understand the situation and not create unnecessary questions for the sake of  patriotic feelings for the nation.  Then it transpired that HM  was not even in the big picture . The NIA handled the matter and by the way made a heavy weather of the operation . Till now nothing is known about who , why and what really happened  about the whole incident and the subject is no more discussed . We cannot question anything for the fear of being labelled as unpatriotic.

In case of JNU slogan shouting also the Home minister issued a statement on the basis of a twitter message (later found fake) that anti India activities at the behest of enemies were being carried out and Jihadi slogans were shouted by the students . The student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was duly  arrested  on the basis of a video,  widely circulated to prove his guilt. Now doubts are being raised on the authenticity of the video . Also no charges of sedition are apparently being put on Kanhaiya . Meanwhile some persons who really shouted the anti India slogans just disappeared and since the last nine days the government has not been able to trace them .We were also informed that Jihadi and separatist elements were using JNU  but it is not clear what the intelligence  machinery or Delhi police was doing about it. One understands that police cannot enter the campus freely  but surely they can stop anybody getting in and out of Delhi  outsiders . Anybody ,who doubted the motive and reason for Kanhaiya's arrest was dubbed an anti national or supporter of anti national and bad mouthed . 

What is all this happening  ? A few days earlier people were being castigated for eating beef and even one person was killed. Now students and reporters are being thrashed for supporting  a detainee against whom the government has not been able to frame charges. Ruling party MLA openly leads the attack . Lawyers aligned to a political party behave like hired goons.  The Police Commissioner earlier said he has all proof  against the seditious student. Now he seems to be backing off and the police is not opposing the bail plea.  He also says that the attack on journalists is a minor matter. The court makes him personally accountable for the safety of the arrested person . The Home minister is not giving any more of his statements  and keeping mum. Probably there are other serious matters for him to attend .  

Amidst all this we learn that henceforth the national flag would be compulsorily hung over university buildings to instil patriotism in the hearts of students.  This is as mandated by the HRD minister , another luminary of the Indian cabinet .  Wonders never cease to exist.    


Quotes to remember 

"Madness has gripped the party. The desire to win at any cost has destroyed the very ethos of the party. This is not the party I joined in 2004" - Prodyut Bora , National Executive Committee Member of the BJP in his resignation letter. He is the first IIM Ahmedabad graduate to join full-time politics.

“Yes, I said it. If he goes and supports such anti-national people…he should be shot. I am a nationalist and if anyone raises a finger at Bharat Mata, I will not tolerate it” says Rajasthan BJP MLA Kailash Chaudhary on Rahul Gandhi.


The sudden spurt in patriotism has an touch of comparative and competitive elements in it . Maybe this is the result of consumerism in one way. People seem to have commodified patriotism . 

My flag is bigger than yours so I am more patriotic.

My idol is bigger than yours , so I am more religious .
My degrees are more than yours , so I know more.
My voice is louder than yours , so I deserve to be heard first.
My dress is costlier than yours , so I deserve the front row .

so on and so forth .............

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