Monday, 29 February 2016

Budget 2016-17

The best feature of this budget is that it will be very difficult for Congress, JD(U) , AAP and CPI(M) to oppose it , prima facie. It is more socialist in nature than one expected . Sometimes one may wonder if they have recycled one from Indiraji's time. So much for populism in the garb of pragmatism.

Otherwise , this budget is full of legalese, clauses and sub clauses. It will benefit the Chartered accountants only. The ticking of a lawyer's mind instead of an economist's heart is what can be heard.

Overall , a limp and flaccid instrument which can not be expected to juice out growth for the economy . But maybe anybody else would have also done it , I think the benefit of doubt goes to the FM. He must have had his compulsions .

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