Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Random thoughts 10022016

The price of onion in the market has crashed !!!
This must be due to the dynamic leadership of our PM and the effect of his Mann ki Baat . Wholehearted congratulations to the government, PM, Agriculture minister , middlemen , hoarders , big traders and small traders . You have all shown the way how prices can be brought down . Hope you will keep up the good work and price of other items also crash soon. Achchhe Din aa gaye !!!!!! This government rocks.

Let us all arrange for Besan and oil to fry tasty hot Pakodas and enjoy munching them . They really taste good in this weather accompanied with steaming cups of tea. Also , that surely boosts the Make in India spirit.

Oh , forgot about the farmers . Meanwhile, they can count their losses .


‪#‎Randomthoughtsofanidlemind‬ It is very important for more Indians to learn Urdu and Arabic , irrespective of their religious affiliations because a lot of toxic Jihadi literature and pamphlets are being spread in these two languages . For efficient intelligence and effective surveillance on groups which are trying to spread hatred based on religion and fundamental philosophy , the security apparatus should have enough persons in their rolls who can read , write and speak these languages. This is my personal opinion .Maybe many will not like my views . But I seriously believe that shunning these languages is creating a space for extremists to utilise them as a tool for communication away from the prying eyes or ears .
Its a pity really . Because both these languages have rich cultural and literary heritages and associated with finer aspects of life. But it seems that religious bigotry has now transformed these languages as a channel to foment hatred and terrorism.

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