Friday, 12 February 2016

Random thoughts 12022016

There is no permanent friendship or enmity in politics . Surprises never cease to exist in political affiliations and equations . That way the recent overtures for bringing CPI(M) and Congress under a common umbrella to fight TMC in West Bengal assembly elections should not come as a surprise. But there is still a lot to happen in this matter and till then one can remain a sceptic.

But the person who comes to mind today in this context is the late Saifuddin Chowdhury , four times MP , and a brilliant mind , who had to forego his CPI(M) membership because he opposed the party line to bring a no confidence motion against the Narasimha Rao government and sought more cooperation with the Congress to block the rise of BJP . All this in the early nineties . Some people are really ahead of their times and have to die unsung . He was one of them.


The honourable Chief minister of Maharashtra has tried his level best to rise up on the pedestal of honour in the eyes of the public with a very patriotic comment (as reported by the press) - “Raising doubts over Headley’s statement for serving personal petty politics would tantamount to be anti-national. This is the first time a credible witness has directly indicted Pakistan for sponsoring terrorist activity in India. And if we raise doubts, it would directly help Pakistan.”
There are many people who totally subscribe to this comment and are gleefully pointing out to the statement about Ishrat Jahan being a terrorist without ever giving a thought that whether the statement is admissible under the law or what great change will it bring upon the 26/11 trial or the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. What is being conveniently ignored or concealed by the proponents of this line of thought is that the court has granted pardon to David Coleman Headley, one of the main accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case, and accepted him as a prosecution witness. The court has agreed to Headley's plea to turn an approver in return for pardon while imposing certain conditions on him.
Headley will not be punished by the Indian courts and he is already incarcerated in the US jail from where he is unlikely to be released in his lifetime. Therefore he can say whatever he wants to . Actually, he has no further reasons to worry . Whether we believe his statements to be true is another matter because that depends on one's choice or understanding. But isn't it a bit ironical that doubting the words of a terrorist from Pakistan is anti-national . The official stand on this matter till now is that it was indeed an encounter , euphemism for killing in cold blood after arrest. This is the basis of the Ishrat Jahan encounter case.
Ishrat Jahan could have been a terrorist . Whether she was a terrorist or not should not obfuscate the fact that she is said to be killed in cold blood by extra constitutional means without a trial, after her arrest. Patriotic fervour does not mean that we should close our senses to such matters. Those who believe in encounters and killing of arrested fugitives, criminals and terrorists without trial can have their bloodthirsty dance which just depicts a primitive mindset . This particular mindsets also justifies rape of prostitutes , molesting of girls wearing miniskirts , bullying homosexuals for their sexual orientation, abuse of the disabled for being burden to the society , discrimination on the basis of caste and religion etc.
People who oppose this mindset are labelled as "Sickular", "Libtards" , "commie" and other such epithets by the brain-dead jombies of the ultra nationalist cult.. Sincerely hope that readers of this post do not fall under that category.
Coming to the CM's statement, why does his party and its members have a Pakistan fixation . Eating beef , go to to Pakistan. Aamir Khan , go to Pakistan, Voting Nitish , go to Pakistan , doubting Headley , go to Pakistan. Never was the national agenda laced with so much of Pakistan . Strange but true.

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