Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Random thoughts 17022016

‪#‎VodafoneTheMystery‬ One of the enduring mysteries in life which I could never solve or get even a clue is the matter of Vodafone and taxes . I don't know for how many years , I am reading the news item regularly , which says Vodafone has dues of so much in taxes. Today also I find an article which says that the I-T department has asked Vodafone to pay Rs 14200 Crs and warned them that assets will be seized if arrears are not settled..
I am a Vodafone subscriber since the last eleven years in Mumbai and more or less satisfied or rather resigned to their service. We have four Vodafone connections in my family. But what bugs me to no end is the fact that how can a corporate entity have so much dues constantly piling up and what actually is done to recover it. Either the method of calculation is erroneous or the company is a defaulter. What I want to know is that if I do not pay my monthly bill for two or three consecutive months, my connection will be surely terminated by Vodafone . Then how come the government takes no action against them for such tax dues piling up .
It can not be that both sides are right or wrong . Either Vodafone is evading or delaying payment of taxes or the government machinery is harassing them. But why , that is the root of the mystery . Vodafone has to do business in India . They would definitely not like to be labelled or prosecuted as an economic offender . It is mind boggling to believe that such amounts of taxes are due from them. If really so then it is further mind boggling to gauge the profits and turnover in the business . And what is happening to the other telecom operators. Why are their name not being taken so frequently as defaulters ?
As I said , this is really puzzling. One may say , how does it bother me. Well I don't know how to answer that . If somebody knows about the matter , please illuminate


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