Monday, 15 February 2016

Random thoughts 16022016

Whatever we are presently witnessing in Delhi is just an exposition of to the strategic initiative unleashed by the ultra right saffron brigade which is also loosely known as the Sangh Parivar . As a part of the outward wrapping , all these fracas and engineered conflict that we find hogging the limelight on newspapers , TV channels and social media are a well laid out diversionary tactics to shift the focus from the failure of the government in fulfilling its promises of "Achchhe Din " and sundry other proclamations made . It will also serve as a convenient mode to lay the blame on the opposition for its intransigent attitude .

The second objective is to position the government and the saffron brigade as the sole defender of patriotism , as defined , practised and exploited by them and only them . This strategy also effectively aims to shut out dissent against the government as unpatriotic , condemnable and seditious. Though the Sangh family as we know it is itself divided into different groups , each more rabidly fanatic than the other , right now the opportunity to snuff out the opposition and the spoils of power is keeping them together . They will definitely fall out with each other eventually, in the near future, because of their own weaknesses . But that stage is yet to come .

But at the core of the strategy and layered under seemingly churlish action by rampaging twits lie the sinister and deep rooted long term objective of capturing the most important resource - MIND SPACE. Make no mistake , behind what we observe daily in the media as a routine item on the conflict is the turf war to grab the mind , change the mentality , corrupt the judgement and obfuscate the reasoning ability of the youth . And that is what is really alarming . Because what is envisaged under this strategy is to create generations of brainwashed youths who will unquestioningly follow their masters and act as the storm-troopers against dissent , debate and discussion .

And the government elected by the people with a huge mandate is just the best way to further this agenda. The efforts started with FTII , then there were many other small incidents before the unfortunate suicide of a research scholar in Hyderabad laid bare the plans of domination . Now the JNU drama unfolds to give us yet another glimpse into the dimensions of the ongoing turf-war. As much as we wish away student politics , it will always be there and no political party will leave the option to convert students to their ideology . Political parties can not be faulted on this , though it may seem a very wrong thing to do , from the viewpoint of a concerned parent. The problem arises when the government machinery sides with a particular group and tries to further the interests of a particular political grouping.

Never before has the country been so much divided and polarised after independence , like it is now. The singular most remarkable feature of the 21 month rule , completed till now, by the present government has been the alarming growth of divide and insecurity among a wide cross section of the population. The high-handed and inconsiderate actions of the government have already alienated a lot of people who believed that they were ringing in better days after the previous government which was covered by the miasma of corruption.

The government of the day is seen to be more of a political entity rather than its ability for governance. Instead of concentrating on the job of building the nation , it is regularly finding itself in the eye of storm due to its flat-footed miring into the cesspool of peripheral issues of political nature. And in the absence of any attempt to build any consensus on the agenda for development , actually nothing is really moving on the ground in spite of over hyped pious proclamations.

The ministers and the PM must realise that they have already spent one third of the time allotted to them and considering that the last year of their tenure will be spent only on announcement of grandiose ,populist schemes ; they really have about 30 months to put their act on. Meanwhile , by allowing each and every issue to be politicised and turned into a controversy , the government have already seen an erosion in the balance of goodwill which they started with , at the first place. They are lucky that the principal opposition party has a serious leadership problem but in politics no one can stretch their luck indefinitely .


Who decides on what is anti-national ? Prejudice, emotion, sentiment or plain opportunistic politics? Those who are labelling sundry students,writers, actors or for that matter whoever is speaking against the establishment or questioning its intentions as anti-national can label me and you too in near future . And where does all these labelling end ? You want to beat people into submission and conform to the standards set by the big bully ? That is nationalism in your eyes ? Well , the same thing was tried before , many times . And it had not succeeded . The people of the country will see through the game . But as of now this is a danger, present and clear which faces all of us who do not blindly follow the great Indian hope trick.

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