Monday, 30 May 2016

It's been a long time .

Has it been so long , really ?
Can’t believe it though,
how much you’ve changed.
Foolish of me to think
You would still remain
the same, with that disarming grin .
That brought sunshine in my life
on dark weary days .
It’s been really a long time
now that I think about it .
But , oh well ,
I could find you
and only that matters.
Memories , some of those
I have forgotten , some you have.
Together , we can salvage them
like treasure buried
in a ship wrecked long ago.
Sit with me for a while
it’s been a long time that you did .
There’s no need to say something
we need not say anything at all .
Savour the smell of this time
that we have got for us to spend;
the fresh aroma of a beginning
brewed from the roots
of a distant past .
I did miss you ,
so don’t make it too long
for us to meet again .

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