Saturday, 7 May 2016

With you

I can feel the droplets of desire

in the sweat on your dark skin.

The cascading rush of dark clouds

in the shadow of your hairs .

Every kiss between us is a promise

to make this tryst worth remembrance .

Our entwined bodies are lost together

in search of some unknown treasure.

Do you read the alphabets of lust 

in my eyes through your half closed eyes

even as you float in your ecstasy

and hold me closer to you .

The firmness of your soft bosom

held in my rough hands

as you moan for more of it 

in a primordial cry of fulfilment.

Muted , but not silent 

this chat between our bodies 

to satiate the hunger of centuries

and sprinkle the thirst of deserts .

Only you know , only you have seen ,

my other side ,the dark and viscous truth.

The feral delight of the predator

with his prize hunt in his embrace.

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