Thursday, 12 May 2016

Random posts 11052016

Life happens every moment and continues with its flow.
With me or without me . It is not for me to control all that happen . So there is no need for me to get worried about everything that I can't control. I can only keep my faith on things working out to a better tomorrow . But before that I need to get the burden that I have accumulated over the years of my life , thinking them to be mine. I need to let go , little by little and watch life unfold .

Every one carries a bit of sadness within,
a touch of the blues.
We all try to hide our disappointments
with a confident smile.
Deep inside all of us
locked in some secret vault,
somewhere is that utter empty space
which we are afraid to own.


The railroad to Gwadar completed. This initiative from China is really a big step by them. They now have access to the Arabian sea by a short-cut. Just to put in perspective , the distance from Jorhat to Kutch is about 3100 km . Here the train line covers a distance of 8000 km. With this route they have logistical and infrastructural readiness to move freight and if required troops too , in a span of one and half weeks.

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