Thursday, 12 May 2016

Random thoughts 12052016

That a minister in the Union Cabinet and one who is duty bound and under oath to uphold the constitution trashes the Judiciary, shows how desperate and vicious the mindset of these neo fascists are. Earlier we had the concept of committed Judiciary under Madam G's rule . Now this . Further if a lawyer says that the Judiciary is destroying the legislature brick by brick , it can mean that
1) his education is incomplete and all through his professional life , he has served the cause of law as a hypocrite and maybe tried to undermine the system at every given opportunity.
2) the legislature deserves to be disciplined and brought in line to uphold the rule of law.
3) There is a crying need of Judicial reforms in the country.

Let us remember that the constitution of India has been framed to safeguard democracy and plurality by adequate checks and balances through the three pillars of executive, legislature and judiciary. Taking a partisan view and badmouthing any of them is a danger signal for the democratic setup.

The tragedy is that the powerful want more power in their hands instead of using the power vested in them for the cause of the nation. There is no end to blame games and the legal education should not be always used to find loopholes and put blame on others . Leaders need to stand up and deliver on their promises .


The fun and games , as expected has started with the induction of the great Master in the upper house . Emboldened by the support he receives from a section of the ruling hounds and their Nagpur masters, he started with Agusta Westland scam targeting his perennial obsession – Red Sonia and her family. But this he has been doing for years now and that can be a bit boring for a man who always believes that variety is the spice of life. So now , more as a side dish he has ordered for the head of the Governor on the Mint street , served to him on a platter . His next target seems to be none other than the FM ( not the radio station , you stupid moron Bhakt) . Can’t say that won’t be a bad idea . Now our Bhasmashur has been pining over the years for a real juicy post but successive leaders kept him at arm’s length and he never got a chance to prove his potential and quality as a thinker . That really rankles. So he is back to his favourite pastime of hurting friends . But surprisingly , he is silent about Amma , whom he had given a tough time earlier .

Just about a year ago on 2nd April 2015 we learnt from 56 inch that - "There is lot of similarity between the thinking of the RBI and government... This is absolutely essential. As a representative of the government, I express my satisfaction. RBI is performing its role and I congratulate Raghuram ji and his team" . Was this really Man ki Baat or a Jumlaa ? That should be clarified by the person who gave the statement provided he gets time amidst his busy schedule of addressing election meetings and foreign trips . Instead of comparing Kerala with Somalia , some attention should be paid to rein in his own partymen and ministers who are living in his basked glory and busy making controversial statements . Particularly with institutions like the Supreme Court and RBI which are proven institutions in a country which is ridden with imperfect institutions.

But one has to appreciate the up gradation of class in the “Quit India” statements . Till now BJP leaders and Bhakts were asking for deportation of anti nationals to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia . This man has better tastes . He want the Guv to be sent to Chicago . Great improvement in two years . Achhe Din aa gaye . 

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